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Kings blade introduction 4: Kneesocks by Viracon Kings blade introduction 4: Kneesocks by Viracon

"I won't take much more of your time miss. But please know that these invitations do not come lightly. There are many women to choose from and you are certainly very lucky to be chosen. Or unlucky - depending on your skill." The woman bowed slightly and turned away. She walked gracefully, her hips swinging and her hair flowing beautifully. 

"Many women to choose from?" 

"Unlucky - depending on skill?" The demonesses glanced at each other, intrigued by these turn of events and this buxom woman in red. They had to know who she was, and what she wanted with Stocking Anarchy! What's more, if whatever this ... thing is can help those angels return to heaven... they needed to be in on this. 

They silently agreed to leave the bushes they were hiding in which served as their perfect hiding spot for spying. They got on their toes, propped up their hands to their chest and commenced the stalking. One step. Two step. Three and four step. Five step. Six and sev-

"I know your following me." The woman paused and said, not turning to look at them. A cold shiver ran through their blood red skin and caused them to stop, there was something in her voice, something cold and harsh yet still graceful. "What do you want?" She asked, looking to her side to glance at the sisters. 

"Ahem!" Kneesocks cleared her throat and was the first to regain composure, her sister, Scanty, quickly followed suit. "We want to know who you are, and what you want with Stocking Anarchy."

"Is that so?" The woman asked, turning more to look at them. Red skin and horns.. hmm... 

"If what your offering her can give her whatever she wants, we want in too!" Scanty said, standing tall and proud.

"I wouldn't be so hasty in that decision if I were you." The woman said, but the demons didn't back down, and they had the look about them. They were determined. They certainly arn't human that's for sure... i wonder..  "However, if you truly are interested, perhaps we can discuss this some where more private. My name is Satellizer El Bridget, and you girls are?"

"Scanty." The green haired sister said.

"And Kneesocks. Please, miss Bridget, follow us." The light haired sister with the ponytail said, walking passed Satellizer with her sister. Satellizer followed them toward the town, radioing the helicopter that she would be a few moments longer.

The sister walked the stranger through the down and to their headquarters, the Mayors office. The mayor was out at the moment, leaving the office completely to their own privacy. A large building in the center of the town well decorated and maintained. These girls have some connections a much nicer place then that church i must admit.

"Tea?" Kneesocks offered.

"Please." Satellizer responded cheerfully. She was relieved somewhat that their meeting place was not as.... open.... as the Anarchy sisters. Panty's ... vulgarity and plain disrespect was definitely confronting to say the least. The demon twins accommodation and shear manners were an ironic and welcome surprise. Polite demons, well now i have seen it all.

Kneesocks clicked her fingers for a butler to take their order and offered Satellizer a seat on the couch. Scanty sat in an armchair across from her and crossed her legs. Kneesocks did the same but crossed her legs the opposite way. They sat in tranquil silence, all three women sitting with the backs straight, legs closed or crossed and hands in laps. They gracefully accepted their tea when it arrived, simultaneously took a lady-like sip and placed the tea on the coasters waiting on the coffee table separating them. 

"Satellizer El Bridget huh? We've never heard of you. Which means you can either mean trouble for us, or trouble for them." Kneesocks said calmly.

"Or trouble for neither." Satellizer replied, matching her tone. Kneesocks smirked slightly, pleased with the response. They were talking to someone formidable.
I could quickly end myself up in some kind of turf war here, however.. If one of them possess the right traits pitting them against each other would be quite a show

"So. What are you offering the Anarchy sisters?" Scanty asked, cutting straight to the point.

"A once in a lifetime opportunity that was only offered to Stocking Anarchy. Her ... sister, didn't qualify. You girls said you were interested in being involved, but you do not even know who I am, why I am here or what you girls would be getting into. You should know that what was offered to Stocking Anarchy isn't a simple contest or on the side contract. The matters we may be discussing soon is serious business." Satellizer said, testing their resolve. She knew they would agree before they did. Call it intuition or instinct, she knew these girls wanted this without even knowing the costs. Money, fame or the power to crush the ones to despise the most some people would kill for it.. a good thing to. 

"Okay. Tell us." The sisters said at the same time. Satellizer took one more sip of her tea before she explained the tournament, the risks it involves, what is required, the uniqueness of the invitations and she explained to them the prizes for winning are personal to the contenders. The sisters listened patiently and intently to every word she said. Satellizer found herself briefing them on some of her fights, trying to express how serious the costs could be if they lost. When she was finished she took another sip of her tea, grateful for the break and waiting for their response. The sisters seemed to be taking it all in. They were starting to realize how serious the Anarchy's situation must be for Stocking to consider signing up for something like this. 

The three of them drank their tea together and only when they were finished did they set their cups down and got back to business.

"We want in." They said simultaneously. Satellizer looked at them in the eyes for a moment, as if trying to read their minds. 

"There are requirements of the contenders before they are allowed to join. As I am not familiar with the two of you I will need to ask some questions to find out if you are even liable." Satellizer said. She doubted they knew full well what they were getting into.

"Fine." They said together.

"The first requirement is that you have some combat experience."

"We're demons and enemies of those angel sisters, of course we have experience." Said Scanty.

"The second requirement is weapon type. Only Melee or elemental abilities are permitted in the tournament. Which means, guns and bows for example mean immediate disqualification from the tournament. I need to confirm your abilities." Satellizer said. She was expecting a verbal answer but when Kneesocks stood, placed her foot on the table beside her cup and took off her white stocking, she blushed. But her embarrassment was diminished when the stocking in her hand turned into a long, black and yellow scythe. She placed it gently on the table, the lights from the candles around the room shimmering off the black metal. Scanty remained seated, arms and legs still crossed, a small pout on her lips.

"I guess that means only Kneesocks can join and I have to watch." She said, unimpressed by this.

"If you use guns or bows then yes. This is why only Stocking was asked to join." Satellizer replied. 

"If you're taking notes in your head, I wield two of these." Kneesocks said, sitting back down and crossing her legs again. 

"Very interesting. The last requirement is that you completely, and I mean, absolutely, understand what you are agreeing to. You could die, you could give up the only chance of attaining what you are desperately fighting for. You could be rendered incapable of fighting ever again. These are ALL very REAL possibilities. By accepting to join you are accepting these terms."

Scanty and Kneesocks glanced at each other. Were they reconsidering? 

"Fine with us." Kneesocks said, standing and picking up her scythe. Scanty stood too as did Satellizer. She took Kneesocks hand and gave it a firm but friendly shake. When she let go, a piece of paper was in Kneesock's hand. An official invitation. 

"This is proof of your invite, you will need it soon so do not lose it." Satellizer said. They reached the front door.She shook their hands one last time.

"It was a pleasure meeting you girls, Kneesocks and Scanty. I look forward to seeing you fight Kneesocks. I hope you are ready."

"It was our pleasure miss Bridget. And yes, I am ready. Stocking won't know what hit her." Kneesocks said, smirking. 

"I hope you show the same amount of confidence when you face the other contenders, They are a colorful bunch this year." Satellizer said, smiling before she turned toward the door, she paused. "One more thing, your combat abilities may be fine for down here, but you do know that you could be facing anything in this, you may find some contestants share honor... And others... " Satellizer turned summoning her Nova blood and slashed towards Kneesocks...

The blades met mid air and cryed out as they clashed. 

"And others may not give you a chance" Satelizer demilitarized her weapon. "Im defiantly eager to see you fight now. Good day ladies" 

Well today has been ... interesting. Satelizer walking away.

"Is she strong?" Scanty asked trying to work out the expression on Kneesocks's face. 
"Very..." Kneesocks replied looking down at her hand as it tingled still from the impact. 
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